Garding System

Grade A
This describes a device which is very clean and of a desirable quality. It should be in nearly new condition with no noticeable scrapes or scratches and absolutely no dents or damage. Every element of the hardware is functional with no known faults in the system.

Grade B
The device should be reasonably clean with few small scratches to the casing which are barely noticeable. No scratches on the screen or speakers. All system hardware is fault free and in working order.

Grade C
The device may have several scratches and/or dents to the casing. No dents or scrapes on the screen. The hardware of the system still functions.

The device is FAULTY. The device/s are damaged or unusable. This includes smashed screens, faulty hardware, and surface damages. The machine will not work but still has all parts present.
Water damaged items will need to be inspected first and then we will confirm a quote with the customer.