About Us

For as long as electronics have been continually upgraded, consumers have been left with an ever mounting supply of disused, unwanted computers, laptops and mobiles. Some are faulty, missing cables or essential parts and some kept and refined to a drawer as a ‘spare’ that never ends up being needed- what a waste! In 2003, we began our London based specialist electronics service, focusing on the repair and sales of Apple devices. Alongside, we began looking into ways to ensure that our old electronics were reinvested back into our global community.
Whilst here, in the UK, we move through makes and models of electronics as and when they are upgraded- over in developing countries, there are many communities which we work with who are literally able to transform lives through the use of our old electronics. We can even utilise faulty products so that they will be of use as spare parts. Since 2003, we have grown enormously and now offer a straightforward and easy valuation of your electronics, whatever the make, model, age or condition. WeBuyAnyElectronics.com is able to offer extremely competitive prices for your old and unwanted electronics due to our lengthy work history and credible reputation. In particular, our outstanding purchasing power allows us to offer you unbeaten offers for your Apple products.
We pride ourselves on our realistic understanding of what consumers want due to our ten year working history as specialists in this area. We began working from just a laptop at home and have grown into the company we are today; all driven by meeting our customers’ needs and by offering genuine and reasonable prices for electronics. We are also the only online electronics buying company to offer same day, cash-on-collection courier service within a 25-mile radius of London. So if you’re wondering what to do with all your old electronic devices, why not get a quick valuation from webuyanyelectronics.com and turn them into quick cash, recycle them for use by charities in developing countries or dispose of them in a responsible and eco-friendly manner.

To offer a quick, easy, no-fuss service, with a fair price policy to buy and dispose of your unwanted electronics. To offer and guarantee the best prices for Apple products, whether new, used or faulty. To listen to customer feedback and adapt our policies as and when needed.To enable customers to further the use of their unwanted electronics, through their repair and recycling to eligible charities in developing countries and to needier areas in the UK, resulting in disadvantaged people receiving equipment to help secure better futures for themselves. If a product is unable to be used in this way, we will offer disposal in an eco-friendly, responsible manner, which reduces carbon emissions and fulfils our zero landfill policies.
To securely remove and destroy personal data in accordance with industry standards. To work with relevant authorities in order to reduce crime and electronic related theft. Our final goal is to remain UK based so that we can offer a complete UK service to our customers and we are able to offer a same day, cash-on-collection courier service within a 25-mile radius of London.

We treat customers as we would wish to be treated; no one tries harder for our customers- we take on board customer feedback and build on trusting and lasting professional relationships. We act responsibly for our local and global communities, contributing to charity work and equipping disadvantaged people with the tools they need to enable them to build brighter futures.